Deep Sea Diptych •2017

Original, abstract & contemporary art

1.5″ x 11″ x 14″ each, both included in this set of these highly pigmented paintings.

Indirect lighting, afternoon light photo (above)

This diptych is made with layers of acrylic ink, acrylic paint, and acrylic media. The first layer (under coat) is gray, with a few dark (almost black) streaks, in places (viewed as what appears as streaks under the blue and white, to mimic looking into the sea). This provides the depth seen with the overall, created paintings.

 Several coats of indigo/cobalt blue, pthalo blue, wicker white, iridescent white, and teal-ultramarine blue, with added acrylic media, are what gives the paintings lots of depth. They are covered with an isolation coat and then, with multiple UV resistant, high gloss, glazing varnishes to last generations. They are UV resistant coats and are made to be touched! 

1.5″ edges were ceramic stucco colored, sanded, and painted with a light silver finish prior to varnish applications. Paintings are cleaned with a damp cloth (because they will get touched). 

Every angle of these paintings divulge a different and unique look into the layers that encompass them. Truly unique and eye catching! The paintings were designed to make the blue colors appear to change, based on lighting and viewing angle. This is the reason why each photograph appears as if the paintings’ colors are a different blue!

High/direct lighting, daytime photo:

High/direct lighting, daytime photo:

Morning light, no overhead lighting photo:

Low/indirect light, night time photo:

While we have enjoyed having these as accent paintings and color for the home office, we know at some point they will have a forever owner. They are one of a kind and currently, no prints have been made. 

Suzanne W. Hellums

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