Unconventional Canvases (Substrates)

In this set, the substrate for the paintings are broken and up-cycled laptop screens. They were both taped around the edges and prepped with spray on gesso/primer! The first one, I tried using dimethicone as a paint additive and resin sand for the beach break in the corner. I wound up going back over a good portion of the painting, because it was too odd for me. I’m not sure if I wound up with what I was going for, but you can at least see my first attempt at these unconventional canvases:

The second attempt worked out wonderfully, because this time, I used my paints on a test canvas first; instead of just “going at it” with the paints. I’m much happier with this next one and the overall effect of the silver “frame” worked out great with these colors. I am tempted to continue to work on this concept, on a larger canvas. See what you think:

For me, this one is a keeper! I’m enjoying it as it sits in my living room right now!

I have a couple of paintings that need some finishing touches (as always), but I am already planning my next piece! I’ve enjoyed sharing my process with you and I hope you are enjoying the final product! Not every piece is a “wall worthy”, as you can see. We all grow from our mistakes and use them to help us work toward being a better version of ourselves!

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