Curing Acrylics

I cure my acrylic paintings. You should, too!

I hate to make a client wait on a painting, but it’s a necessary evil. If acrylics aren’t allowed to cure, they can mold! I can’t have that on my conscience. If you live in a dry environment, you might can get away with a cured painting in 21 days. It really depends how thick, or thin, the painting is! I’ve painted some paintings, with heavy texture, and waited 2+ months for it to cure. I want that painting to see a long life. I also want to isolation coat and varnish; so it can be touched. People like to touch things. It’s human nature!

So, 3-4 weeks at 85% or less humidity it is! I have a reader that tells me how humid it is in my “studio” (guest room). If I am doing a resin project – which requires a humidifier – another room in the house is used! And it’s usually the kitchen or garage – which has to be super clean to use – to keep dirt and dust off of the curing resin!

How did artists used to do it?! I’m guessing their DNA is probably in paintings from way back!!!

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