Caring for Resin Artwork

Resin art pieces are like any fine artwork. The care involved is only a step further than you might use for other artwork, as the resin coating may fingerprint. Simply dampen (slightly) a clean, microfiber cloth and wipe gently. If stubborn fingerprint arises, a spot wipe with 70% isopropyl alcohol can do the trick. I would encourage you to only wipe the alcohol on that spot, just like you might do to clean an LCD tv.

Other considerations are as follows:

  1. Keep out of direct sunlight (most resin paintings can handle more indirect sunlight than watercolor, or other mediums).
  2. Dust regularly, as you would with any fine art (dry microfiber cloth).
  3. Handle gently, as resin art can scratch.
  4. Don’t expose to extreme temperature changes (although, almost any resin painting can be placed in a bathroom or kitchen).
  5. Hang the painting while wearing gloves.
  6. Enjoy with art lighting to expose the depth created in the many layers!

Enchanted Halo, resin, pastel, acrylic, & mica; 2018 by S. Hellums

Here is one of my recent favorites! Thanks for visiting!

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