Welcome E*Trade!

Join me in welcoming E*Trade Morristown and E*Trade Boston, Massachusetts as new art print clients of mine and ArtLifting(TM) clients! I hope they are enjoying the Granite Inspired series in their wonderful corporate offices! It makes me so happy to share this work.

The following are 2 of the prints. I’m humbled and honored that they chose the following:

Granite Inspired II and Granite Inspired I, by Suzanne Hellums

These are now available at AllModern, too! If you’re interested in these prints, they are a great alternative to black and white, and are so calming and beautiful. We have all 4, of the Granite Inspired series in our kitchen/dining area. Our kitchen/dining took us years to finish remodeling and like all remodelling – it was a labor of love! These paintings complement the space nicely.

Here is the AllModern link to purchase these (above):

Thank you, E*Trade and AllModern!

To your continued success!


Suzanne Hellums

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