Talking About my Work and Processes

It has been an honor to have my work showing at the New Mexico Cancer Center this winter! Here are some pictures of the event! The shiny, resin pieces are the ones I worked on this past year, which are on display at the NMCC until Friday, February 15, 2019. Thank you for all the encouragement and support! I’m also going to include my speech about my processes, below. Thank you!

Opening night, above. The 16″ round, contemporary piece was purchased – I’m so happy this went to John, a former cancer patient, who is now a patron!

My husband, who helped hang these pieces – finally glad to be done.

The sign, above.

Great turn-out for the 2nd event on January 30th, benefiting cancer patients in New Mexico!

Turned toward the art, giving a heartfelt explanation of how I approach each piece (above).

It appears my wrists and hand swelling is highlighted here, but I am so happy to have work!

Meanwhile, I am talking about this multi-media process with acrylic, pastels, micas, and resin. The following is some of what I said:

“I love how I can work acrylics like oil, but it reminds me of working with watercolor and gouache. I decided to work in gouache, watercolor, acrylic, and pastels/mica. I didn’t mean to become a mixed media artist – it’s just how my art process progressed. I don’t know if it is because of the different challenges that come from using multiple mediums, but I found myself happiest when painting at least a layer with each medium, combined to reveal a final piece.

I didn’t quite mean to become a resin artist, either, because the learning curve and expense is much more than any other medium I have used. I couldn’t turn away from resin. It became another challenge; to see how I could manipulate my art into a totally different piece, once the resin layer is finished. I found working with resin reminded me of our cell biology, and how they sit in their extra-cellular matrix (ECM) in the body. The pieces created became a true mixture of my life experiences; 1st as an artist and scientist, mixed with life in a state of healing. My work became a metaphor for everything I had known.

Thank you for your interest in my endeavors! Here are some individual pieces from this exhibit:

“8 x 8″, on 1.5” cradled wood, one of the Desert Sun series (1 of 3).

8″ x 8″, on 1.5″ cradled wood. Beach combined with cell biology inspired.

20″ x 10″, on 1.5″ gallery-wrapped canvas. One of my favorite resin, ocean-inspired pieces.

16″ x 12″, on 1.5″ gallery-wrapped canvas. Cellular matrix-inspired resin piece.


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